Four Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling


If your home has been on the market for a while and you don't have any bids, there are a few things it might be. It could be anything from the condition of the home to the listing agent you chose. Here are some common reasons a home doesn't sell right away, all of which include things you can do to improve your chances.

Your Home Isn't in the Best Condition

The condition of your home makes a big difference when prospective homebuyers are looking to buy, especially when they are looking at multiple homes. Even if you are attempting to sell it as-is at a lower price, a home with a higher price that is in better condition can still be more enticing. Many people buying a home don't have money to put into repairs, or the time, so they would rather spend a little more on a home that is in better condition. Look around at your home to see if there are improvements you can reasonably make, such as repairing the steps going up to your patio, painting the exterior, or replacing the windows.

You Didn't Get Good Pictures

When selling a home, you should always list it online. Many people now look online first when they are finding homes for sale and open houses. You need to have killer pictures, and plenty of them. Just one picture of the front of the house isn't helpful, even with the best curb appeal on the block. People don't want to waste their time on a house that isn't right for them. Use your best camera and get plenty of pictures. You should take pictures of the exterior on all sides of the home, and inside from the entrance to all bedrooms and bathrooms. If it has an attic or basement, make sure to get good pictures of those rooms as well.

You Didn't Pay for Good Marketing

If you live somewhere that has a lot of homes for sell, you have more competition and need to work a little harder. You sometimes need to pay for different marketing methods when selling your home. This may include printing postcards and flyers to spread around your neighborhood, hiring a company that can provide virtual tours for the inside of your home, and paying to have your home listed on several websites that list local homes for sale.

You Don't Have a Good Real Estate Agent

In most cases, you need a real estate agent to get your home sold. It can be very difficult selling it on your own. The agent will take pictures, list your home, and do the open houses for you. Make sure you do your research before hiring the real estate agent, and don't be afraid to switch to someone else if they aren't working out. Not only do you want an agent with plenty of experience, but try to choose one who has sold similar homes, preferably in the same neighborhood. They are already familiar with people who would buy your type and home and have experience selling to them.


9 March 2015

Find Your Dream Home by Spring

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