Real Estate: 3 Ways A Real Estate Agent Can Help You Sell Your Home


When it comes to selling your home, some people would rather execute the transaction without the assistance of a real estate agent simply because of the fees that those professionals ask in exchange for their services. However, you might not know that qualified real agents may not only pay for themselves, but also actually add value to your listing.

This article discusses some of the most important reasons for enlisting a real estate agent when it's time to sell your home:


Real estate agents are in a unique position in that they can advertise your property in venues you didn't even know existed. It's one thing to put a "For Sale" sign on your front lawn, but real estate agents have a long list of websites and private listing services they can use to your advantage when putting your home up for sale.

House Prepping

Although you may think your home is in prime selling condition, real estate agents typically have years of experience in the markets and know just what buyers are looking for when they come to look at the house.

In some cases, a real estate agent may walk through every room of your house, instructing you where and how to arrange furniture so as to best inspire purchasing in interested parties.

Other times, the agent may simply hire a stager to come in and literally set the scene throughout the entire home. This is similar to open homes you might have been to that are lightly decorated with furniture and home goods to make the house feel inviting and homey.

Understanding Offers

There isn't a whole of interpretation to be had when someone offers you $100,000 for your home. But what is often unclear are some of the contingencies that the buyer might have had their attorney draft into the offer.

Legal jargon can be a little perplexing at times, and having a real estate agent to help you cut through the banter can not only put you at ease, but help you avoid agreeing to something that you didn't fully understand, and that you might later regret.

Additionally, you want an agent's experience on your side—their ability to judge interest and gauge whether or not an offer truly represents a maximum threshold or simply a low-ball offer is invaluable. Without them, your anxiety and eagerness to sell the house might result in accepting less than what an experienced real estate agent knows the house is worth.

Ultimately, having a real estate to assist you during the sale of your home can ensure that your home is advertised to the largest number of people possible, that your home isn't sold for an unreasonably low figure, and that offers with unusual or perplexing jargon are clearly explained.


18 March 2015

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