Four Home Upgrades You Should Avoid If You Are Selling Your Home


If you are planning on selling your home, you may want to add in some features to set it apart from the rest. Be sure to remember that homes for sale that have too many personalized upgrades may be on the market longer. Just because you love something unique doesn't mean that this will fit the tastes of everyone. Here are four upgrades that might just be too specific to attract home buyers.

1. Unique Color Schemes

If you need to paint your home to sell, try to stick to muted color schemes such as whites, grays and tans. You might think that painting with more color will brighten up your environment and give rooms a more themed feel, but this will ultimately make your home too personalized. Home buyers like houses that provide a basic look so that they can bring their own personal touches when they move in.

2. Converted Garage

Garage space might look to you as a great opportunity to add in a rec room or an additional bedroom, but there are plenty of buyers that might actually want a garage. Homes for sale that offer the basics will do a much better job on the market than those with lots of remodeled conversions. A potential buyer might just see a converted garage as a lot of work to just get a functioning two-car garage back in place.

3. Home Gym

You might think that a home gym would be a great addition to your home, but if this takes up a big part of your home that might have other uses, this can disappoint buyers. If you have invested in specific flooring, mirrors, or have installed equipment, these upgrades might just look like something that would need to be taken out by a potential buyer.

4. Pimped Out Master Bedroom

Spending a lot of time and money on one specific part of the home is always a bad idea. Really focusing in on the master bedroom and bath might miss the mark with buyers. Houses for sale that have too many perks such as heated flooring, extra large showers or a bedroom that is more like a suite can turn people off that want a more basic home overall.

Avoid personalized upgrades and try to keep your home as mainstream as possible so that new owners can make personal upgrades themselves. In order to reach a larger market, try to stick with tried and true remodels such as upgraded kitchens and new flooring. Cast a wider net with a home that more home buyers will find fits their general needs. For ideas, take a look at houses for sale in your area.


13 July 2015

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