How To Make A Good Impression At An Open House


Open houses are a great way to see multiple homes for sale in one day and easily view properties with little commitment. It is still a good idea to try your best to make a good impression at open houses. Here are four ways that putting your best foot forward at open houses can hopefully help your home buying process

1. Be on Time

Don't show up at 4 pm if that is the posted time that an open house is over. This can be frustrating to both the realtor and the homeowners that might want to wrap things up. If you are going to see multiple open homes on the same day, try your best to schedule these accordingly and don't overdo it

2. Say Hello

Sign in and talk with the realtor on site when you arrive. Many times realtors are looking for potential clients and will ask for your contact information or if you are already working with a realtor. It is worth the effort to be cordial and chat with the realtor for a minute if you have questions. You might want to move forward making an offer on the home you are viewing and may be working with this realtor to submit this or with other closing details. If you haven't settled on a realtor, use this as an opportunity to shop for one.

3. Be Positive

Keep negative comments to yourself about homes that you look at. All homes will have flaws and you might end up in a home that you know right away isn't for you. Stay polite and point out positive aspects if the realtor is nearby. You never know who might be at the open house, and you wouldn't want to offend the homeowner if you might come around on a certain property.

4. Follow Up

If you liked a home or have questions for the realtor either on a specific open home or the neighborhood, don't be shy. They are professionals, and this might be a good way to open the door to other properties. If you already have a realtor, work with them to follow up with questions that have come up.

Real estate can be tricky since homes are so personal to the sellers. Realtors usually work with various clients and properties so you never know when you might run into them again. Being on your best behavior at open homes will up your chances for homeowners accepting your offer and realtors wanting to work with you.


21 September 2015

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