4 Things That Can Attract Retirees To Your Property


If you are targeting retirees with your residential property for sale or rent, you need to know what they want to see in a home. Here are some of the things this demographic holds in high regard.

1. Low Maintenance

The home should generally be low maintenance. Whether a person plans to take care of home maintenance activities with hired help or DIY, they don't want labor-intensive tasks. It can get too tiresome or costly; no one wants to spend all their energy or money looking after their home. Therefore, many retirees will be attracted to properties that they can maintain with ease.

Here are some features of a low-maintenance home:

  • The construction materials are durable
  • The square-footage is not too big (more yard space means more work)
  • The landscaping is just enough (hardscaping can take up some areas)
  • The house has been well maintained in the past

Expect discerning retirees to take their time before moving into houses. That way, they can easily pick up maintenance difficulties.

2. Socialization

Socialization is good for everyone, not just retirees. However, retirees might have a harder time socializing with others than other demographics (mobility issues is one reason). Therefore, a community or home that encourages socialization is perfect for retirees.

For example, a condo is a good fit for most retirees because condos have shared facilities and features that encourage socialization. The availability of clubhouses, fitness centers, and group activities are all positive features for this age group.

3. Safety and Accessibility 

With old age comes physical frailty and the increased susceptibility to accidents and injuries. What is more, wounds and fractures do not heal as fast in old age as they do in those who are young. This means that accessibility and safety are critical for most retirees.

Safety and accessibility features include things like:

  • Grab bars in bathrooms
  • Nonslip floors
  • Single-level floor plans
  • Stairlifts
  • Ramps
  • Door handles (instead of knobs)

No one wants to live in a house where they might slip and fall at any time.

4. Convenience and Fit

Lastly, just like other demographics, retirees don't just focus on structures when looking for homes; they also analyze what the community has to offer. Everyone wants to live in a community where they fit in. Therefore, a typical retiree is more likely to move into a community of fellow retirees than to move into a student neighborhood.

Many retirees would also want to live where they can easily access most of the things they need in their dial lives. Groceries, dental offices, and restaurants, among other things, should all be within reach.


3 September 2019

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